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Sunday, March 19, 2017

EasyCash4Ads Server Side Software

The new, small business site: www.EasyCash4Ads.com operates on .aspx which is a Microsoft server format, meaning "Active Server Pages."  The added 'x' refers to a later, say post 2007 version of .asp similar to what the software giant did with the individual programs - Ms Word: .docx ;  Ms Excel: .xlsx etc., etc.

The advertising and cash-flow provider, Easy Cash 4 Ads .com offers people a very user-friendly system. In fact, it is a recommended small business startup when you consider that the startup cost is a mere $19.

This Internet-based business will payout direct into a user's Paypal account, or into Payza, after a business starter has first sponsored two people and sent 2 up to his own sponsor. It is a brilliant little system design, using .aspx software format language.

The Technical Editor

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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Marketing Funnels Make Money Online

How To Make Money On Internet

Have you ever used Windows Live Movie Maker, to make a quick video for uploading to YouTube? It's a ton of fun. I recently made one such video on how to make money giving away free funnels. It is silent, but the wording, or copy, is simply great. Even if I say so myself...

The free marketing funnels are the stuff of My Funnel Empire. MFE is the genius level creation of that Minnesota based Clickbank super affiliate, Bryan Winters.

Server side software is what makes any company or corporate entity great on The Internet. In this case, it is PHP software for pre html processing. It helps you to capture business leads. It then sends your Clickbank affiliate ID out in 5 links way across The Internet. More and further as you give away free marketing funnels.

PHP coding is a perfect computer programming language for affiliate marketing projects. It is the same coding that powers the Wordpress blog platform.

So do visit my YouTube video, above, to see what all the excitement is about in the Internet funnel marketing niche.

Thank you so much for your visit today to my blogspot blog. Enjoy your amazing YouTube video, just above.

The Editor
Business Marketing Funnels Editor

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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Clickbank Affiliate Secrets | Super Affiliates Create Wealth

I just finished uploading and submitting this new video to YouTube. This video is

about how Clickbank Super Affiliates derive and create their wealth, using special


The recommended Funnel System is My Funnel Empire, the brain child of Mr Bryan

Winters of Minnesota in the United States of America. USA is where the top marketing

ideas, tactics and strategies are derived from. It has been that way since about 1910.

The first advertising agencies appeared in the U.S. at about that time. People like Robert

Collier came along to improve the writing effectiveness and persuasive performance in

about 1931 and then Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich in 1937 to help motivate

American business people out of the Great Depression mentality.

America has been the source of remarkable business ideas since the very early Twentieth

Century. Thanks to Napoleon Hill and Robert Collier, Jon, Clayton Makepeace and John

Carlton, etc., I am able to create a top marketing video for you like this little gem. Not to

forget Gary Bencivenga and his bullet points.

Thank you for reading about our Clickbank Affiliate Secrets for wealth creation and of

course, for watching my new YouTube video about Clickbank Super Affiliates and their

new, hi technology, leveraged marketing funnels.

Geoff Dodd

Business Editor

New Zealand and Australia

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Web Marketing Funnels Affiliates

Free Affiliate Programs

Top Two Recommended On The Internet

Being a seasoned Internet marketer, since 1997 when I first made $10 from a 468 x 60 pixels banner, I am always on the look out for the best paying, most lucrative Affiliate Programs. Today I want to share with you the Top 2 affiliate programs that I am currently working hard in! These are the best free systems to work, from the security and economy of your home office.

The first SYSTEM is a brand new, hi tech innovation fresh out of Minnesota. It is a super funnel for marketing affiliates who are preferably experienced with Clickbank.com methods and want fast, regular and ultra reliable payments either by check (cheque) or by direct deposit into your bank account. This even occurs, without any fee, internationally.

As Clickbank.com is a relatively simple affiliate system to use, this MFE funnels system is completely suitable for both newbies (newcomers) to the industry, as well as for seasoned, professional marketers who want some LEVERAGE on their time and personal efforts. It performs both list building and automatic income generation. My Funnel Empire is really, exceptionally good.

I will rely on MFE to build my mailing list for this free Traffic Tips Course that I love running... because people really appreciate the new information it provides about getting more Web visitors to their blogs and Web sites: Join me here:

Privacy policy: your personal information is completely safe with me. I hate spam with a passion. Your info will never be shared with any third parties.

If you've discovered the incredible power of using an autoresponder - but still need one? I have arranged for you to have a 30 day free trial at GetResponse. I love everything about working with this autoresponder company for my mailings. Their products are superb and very user friendly:

The Second, best paying free affiliate marketing program is in the investment niche. It is for rich gold and silver investors. It pays out BIG money. It also pays you fast. Bank wire from London, UK. It's the cream of the crop. Do visit me via the first blue link in the first paragraph of this blog post.

I'm not messing around here. These Top 2 free affiliate programs for Internet marketers are both exceptional in their own right. They are very lucrative. Remember it's all up to YOUR skills acquisition. It's your personal responsibility to vet these two affiliate programs. Do your due diligence. Just don't take too long over it. LIFE is short, as you know ...

Business Marketing Editor

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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Get More Blog Traffic - Increase Web Site Traffic

How To Increase Visitor Numbers?
You own a Web property, already? Then getting more blog traffic - achieving an increase in your Web Site Traffic essentially, MUST be your obsessive priority! No question about it.

You'll be desiring, yearning for more targeted Web visitors to your blog or traffic to your HTML coded web site?

This free course is on the house at Traffic & Conversion University.

It's a complete instruction in how to increase your numbers of casual visitors, and even highly targeted buyer traffic to your Web property!

Further:  we let you play with our new, hi-tech heatmaps technology for 7 days.

See where your web page visitors browse, scroll, move their mouse, their cursor and their eyes?

These are hot spots where you need to place your 'buy' buttons. Or a textual 'call to action,' so as

to improve your rate of conversion to leads and sales.

Make an increased income on your blog or html coded Website, using our tools and suggestions.

So do watch this video today.

Do take the free 14 days Traffic Tips Course, compiled by our in-house Webmaster, Geoffrey P. D.


Editor. Business and Marketing Division.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

My Funnel Empire Best Affiliate Program

Make Plenty of Commissions Here

You've landed in the right crater on the right planet. You see, May 24, 2016 is the highly anticipated LAUNCH date of Bryan Winters' MyFunnelEmpire com or MFE - a best affiliate program contender!

The viral marketing SYSTEM is ready. It will build you a mailing list pronto fast. Plus, it will generate increasing affiliate commissions for you. Some of these payments, via ClickBetter, will be paid out to you weekly!

Here's a useful diagram that shows you how My Funnel Empire works to gather in more and more goodies for you:

This traffic to leads blueprint shows you the direction of activity flow with Bryan Winters' new affiliate program, My Funnel Empire. The next image will show you the recent traffic levels that Bryan has reached with these amazing systems:

The total number of visits was actually over 1.9 million visits in one month.

This site and blogspot page are brought to you by Traffic and Conversion University. Please join our 14 days free Traffic Tips Course. It is delivered to you by email. Your privacy is protected and you can unsubscribe whenever you wish. Just a single click to join. Same simplicity to leave if you wish. Fill in this tiny form here:

Thank you for visiting our blog to find out more about Bryan Winters and his lead generating affiliate program, My Funnel Empire. Join us easily today, by subscribing to our Team. Just use the tiny blue form, above. Thank you. Business Editor.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

How To Start Successful Online Business

Best Affiliate Program

The question of how to start a successful online business, comes down to a few major points:

1. How To Find Red Hot Affiliate Offers that convert at a high rate

2. How To Build High Converting Sales Funnels with drag and drop ease. Or ready-made funnels.

3. How To List Products on High Traffic Ad Networks Ready to Get Sales conversions

4. How To Get UNLIMITED Traffic to Virtually ANY Offer!

5. How To Fine-Tune Your Business to Reduce Costs and Increase Conversions.       

These important aspects of startup businesses are all done for you and contained in the new startup Internet business, known as My Funnel Empire.com.  Join us now as a Founding Member. Early bird founding members get better than 50% discount, and the ability to give away FREE versions of the M.F.E. site. These free versions still carry your opt-in form - to build your list. Plus, they carry Clickbank affiliate product links, bearing your CB id or 'nick.' They can grow virally, while returning increasing numbers of leads and sales up to your CB id. That's just insane!

So really, MyFunnelEmpire.com is by FAR the best affiliate program offered on Clickbetter.com - due to its undoubted VIRAL nature of projected GROWTH. Launching on May 24, 2016 it will probably break all Clickbank affiliate income records. Thanks to Mr Bryan Winters, of USA marketing systems and CB super affiliate fame.

Power Of Back-End Marketing 

The beauty of My Funnel Empire is that it runs powerful back-end marketing:
1. You build a mailing list, and:
2. You get autonomous building of more funnel sites that carry your ID or 'nick' for about 5 high converting  Clickbank affiliate products, going way out, broadcast across The Internet. Then you make even further sales, doing email marketing to a burgeoning, fast growing mailing list. It's completely unprecedented. Incredible!

More Web Traffic

Further, as a special reward for reading this far, I've arranged for you a complimentary membership of the new, widely acclaimed Traffic and Conversion University. Please fill in this beautiful, blue form you'll see immediately below. Your privacy is assured. Your personal details are safe with us. They'll never be shared with anyone, ever. Thanks :-)

Enjoy the hordes of new Web traffic you'll get, after following the free TCU Traffic Tips Course. Perfect for discovering How To Start Successful Online Business. The Editor.

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