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Friday, June 10, 2005

Free Ebook Gift About Top Software for Marketing Online!

Web traffic increases are always welcome, so stop by to pickup your free ebook gift about Jeff Alderson's software tools for improved performance in the search engines, and if you want the direct link to Software Library Volume 1 then this .pdf file is for you. Use Adobe Reader 3.0 or above to read the .pdf and enjoy!

Uncover 'The Lazy Man's Ultimate Software Library to Riches' using Traffic Equalizer and 3 more cutting-edge marketing tools...

Geoffrey P.D.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Internet Accelerator Software

Download new Turbo Surfer 3 internet accelerator software for blistering fast web downloads of all those files you want: images, music, video, pics. You will get a 220% speed tested improvement with an optimized internet connection, whatever you use. Dial-up, DSL, wireless. Tweaks in windows.

Download Software for P.I.'s

Yes, a different tool here... Download software to be your own detective / P.I. for under $30, For Life! This system is now largely web-based - server side - so you can get started with this amazing tool in the next 60 seconds!

This software reaches into a multi-gigabyte database of over 211,500,000 American citizens!


Friday, June 03, 2005

Web Tools for Making Your Software

Newest idea for making software faster is now out and available to you. Especially suited to the marketing niche and also possibly for some simpler types of computer games like video games, though some have a liking for a new cook book software maker so each to his own liking..

Mike Chen of MYOS has just returned to College (UNi) this semester and so anyone wanting to benefit from Mike Chen's tools like Make Your Own Software is very, extremely welcome to see what Mike Chen of myos fame, backed and supported by Mark Joyner and Dale created with his high IQ in this very innovative and creative area of software-making!
The ultimate goal for you is Making money with it, to support your family both at home and abroad. Now that's an honorable goal eh?

Geoffrey P.