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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Small Business Marketing Software Success

Success Formula For Internet Entrepreneurs

Online marketers wanting results, better sales figures from their small businesses - is that you? Marketing is highly competitive, and you need marketing software that kills the competition!

Server side software is the total answer. But you don't have to invent and encode your own server side email marketing or list building software! No.

Just visit our high converting marketing system site here and pick up a copy of 5 Figure Day with everything built in! All done for you. Yess. The rate of conversion or your web visitors into paid lifetime customers is what you need to think about. Our web server side software will ensure you this much.

Success in your online marketing requires targeted traffic, then high conversion, just as specified in the blog post by Geoff Dodd, who is currently in New Zealand, doing intensive statistical studies in Internet based business and marketing. From a software point of view, to ensure better automation machinery online, for you!

Working always in conjunction with Bryan Winters of 5-FigureDay.com.

Geoff Dodd
New Zealand & Australia Business

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Server Side Software for List Building

Server Side Software For List Building

The solid foundation of any marketing enterprise is building a responsive list of happy customers. All methods -- direct mail, email marketing, even social media these days, require list building. It keeps your customers up to date with your company and it continually places your offers in front of their eye balls!

The term, Server side means on the web site or the web server. As opposed to 'client side' software, which is on your PC, installed on Windows. That type of marketing software system, on the server, can have more powerful effects, leading to a more highly profitable marketing strategy. For example, it can have Traffic Forwarding, as in 5-FigureDay.com and even effectively multiply your leads by a factor of up to five times! This software, then, becomes highly valuable to the savvy entrepreneur. It speeds up the rate of growth of his list building efforts.

Bryan Winters, in the USA, really knew what he was inventing with 5FigureDay.com because he had used quite similar server-side software on his 5iphon.com web site. I was fortunate enough to get involved with that developmental precursor to 5FigureDay.com and I remember totally outstanding results, way back a few years ago.  The little '5' in both domains refers to the fact that your list building is multiplied by up to five times. That is what innovative, inventive people can achieve with smart, server side software.

The other advantage, of course, is having direct marketing support, help, training and instruction from high caliber U.S. Internet marketers, such as Bryan Winters, Reed Floren and Chris von Massow. These two latter people are both managing high quality traffic co-ops. Traffic cooperatives can make the difference between online marketing success and failure!

Thank you so much for reading my new ideas about server side software to vastly accelerate your own list building efforts. Lists are how you stay in touch with your buyers and your prospective customers in the online and offline business worlds. They will never go away.

Geoff Dodd, New Zealand
Article: How to build a list faster with marketing software that is installed on the web server, not on your own PC computer. 

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