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Friday, September 30, 2011

Local Mobile Monopoly Marketing to Smartphones

How To Market To Smartphones

Many people are now using their smartphones to do all their Internet related work. That is, they are using the iPhone 4 or 5, Samsung Galaxy S2 or HTC or Sony Ericsson with an Android OS from Google, instead of a laptop or their work desktop computer, to search the web, do their online banking, book airline tickets, etc. The cellphone revolution has occurred already!

Now imagine what that means for the small, local business owner. You know, the restaurant owner, rental car company, butcher, night club operator, real estate licensee. He or she must adapt fast. People are searching direct, right now with Google and are avoiding the yellow pages.... The small local business operator needs a .mobi or a .info or a .com mobile optimized web site now! The web protocol is different for mobiles and smartphones and the pixel sizes are reduced to fit the tiny screens of these cell phones.

Further, SMS text messages can now be used for marketing to the mobile web. How? You'd get a permission opt-in from the customer. She gives the restaurant owner her cell number. Then at some time in the future, a discount code is messaged out to every member of the SMS marketing list. This method works like a dream, bringing in much repeat customer business for the local operator, whatever the type of business ...

Now that is precisely what this Local Mobile Monopoly is all about, right here, below:-

Click here now!

Please do make a point of visiting Adam above at Local Mobile Monopoly. It is a superb system. Adam lets you use his software and server to send discount coupons and codes out easily to your own clientèle. He goes a lot further than that by training you in all the ins and outs of local mobile marketing.

All Adam and Tim's material is first class. I have taken their video training courses before, back in 2010 and I was extremely impressed with their thorough approach to everything about mobile marketing. They generously give a lot of stuff away... They share a deep knowledge and give away every last bit of marketing and technical detail. The step by step learning approach is easy to follow. Nothing is hard at all.

FIVE 5 Stars to Adam Horwitz for his high class, high standard training product: Local Mobile Monopoly - This review is by Geoffrey P. Dodd of Perth, Western Australia 6000

Reviewer: GPD

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