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Sunday, October 02, 2011

How To Build A List Fast With Siphon

How To Build A List Fast

The very best web marketing software creation I've ever seen for how to build a list of subscribers is the server-side software Bryan Winters made, named Siphon Extreme. This has distinct viral marketing features he has called the Send 5 Viral Platform that motivates each of your new subscribers to send you their first five referrals, automatically, within the software system! Wow!

But wait - there's a back end money-maker too...

Listen: our Send 5 viral system can also benefit you in a more rewarding way, if you're a member of Siphon EXTREME - our platinum membership. Like I am. It works much the same way as with the basic 5x list building, but with your extra paid offers (including those people who cleverly upgrade to Siphon EXTREME system after initially joining the free membership through your custom Siphon link). For this reason, I would strongly encourage you to watch the Siphon EXTREME video which is immediately available upon logging in, if you haven't already seen it, so that you can see exactly how to get paid and build a large monthly income while you're building your massive marketing list with your Siphon website...

There is a LOT in this Siphon!

THAT is one of the Secrets to this innovative Siphon Strategy, and probably it is something you didn't even consider before you joined Siphon. It's simply an AMAZING way to begin to leverage your online marketing efforts and build your own opt in 'money list' at lightning speed - five times faster than ever before. It sure makes building a list one by one seem painstakingly slow and old fashioned.

So there it is... remember the key feature of the SIPHON is when the viral Send 5 benefit kicks in where each of your subscribers' 5 base referrals are ALSO added to your list (and not their own)...

Fantastic stuff for your marketing. Explains why I'm excited about how to build a list of subscribers faster, eh?

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