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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Instagram Traffic Method eBook

Instagram Traffic Method

New! eBook Released

Web marketer and entrepreneur Geoff Dodd has just written a superb new e-Book entitled, Instagram Traffic Visualizer, after admittedly falling in love with Instagram, the highly popular image and video-sharing mobile app that runs on the major mobile operating systems, Google Android 4.3 and Apple iOS7 and more ...

How to get web traffic from Instagram has been elusive, due to the simple image sharing that went on. However, with the increased use of Pinterest style infographics, and the addition of 15-second mini videos, Geoff realized that the Instagram mobile app could be integrated with sophisticated graphics enhancement software programs and apps - like mobile FXGuru - for incredible attention grabbing results to pop out all over the millions of users' computer screens!

Increasing the levels of traffic to your blog or web site from Instagram became Geoff's mission and passionate task. He looked around. There was no real software yet providing you, the online marketer or business owner, with a tested and consistent Instagram traffic method. That means there's a gap in the supply of information and tools for using Insta in this way. Geoff placed a link in his Instagram profile and went to work.

Getting infographics of sufficiently high quality is not an easy task to accomplish. But using FX Guru video enhancement was real easy. The free app worked well in his high end mobile phone, a Sony Xperia Z C6603 bought in 2013. Yes, it runs Android 4.3 and has a superb camera, with 1080p HD video recording. 

Soon, dozens of videos were up and shared around almost virally in Instagram. Then, with these methods and much more under his belt of experience, Geoff Dodd wrote the complete e-Book: Instagram Traffic Visualizer which I strongly recommend you purchase because it's cheaper than a dinner out at a mid range restaurant - more like ONE main meal of really good food. And this particular training course eBook is also really good.

5 Stars for research and general knowledge expressed in this pdf publication. Well done, Geoff Dodd

Technical Editor, Social Media marketing Tools Reviewer

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  • How to get traffic from Instagram page for the book has just been updated. The SEO factor is much improved. It has been optimized for the much sought after key phrase of how to get traffic from Instagram. Building a presence on Instagram starts with the 'P' for Profile. Make it enticing, irresistible with gifts, value, services offered at your profile link. Use infographics to share out announcements of webinars, hangout events, HOA. Youtube resources, and more....

    By Blogger Geoffrey Dodd, at 7:50 PM  

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