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Thursday, April 07, 2016

How To Get More Traffic To My Blog

Traffic and Conversion University

Get More Blog Traffic

You are worried that your Web site or blog is too isolated online. You often ask the question, how to get more traffic to your blog? Here's the complete solution to the Web visitor problem:

Introducing Traffic & Conversion University

TCU is currently offering a Free Course of traffic tips that runs for two weeks. The course covers organic search SEO as well as how to best do PPC that is optimized for your CTR or clickthrough rate on your paid ads at Google Adwords.

Take the 14 day free course by email at Traffic and Conversion University to test it out fully, kick the tires and prove to yourself its sheer competence and VALUE. There are some serious resources working at the back of T.C.U. Tools to improve your Web conversion rates for both your lead acquisition and your marketing department's conversion to sales. We use heat maps technology to observe and record Web visitors' mouse cursor movements, inferring eye movements on your Web pages, and all scrolling activity. We then recommend moving your 'buy' buttons and your marketing calls to action.

This operation, Traffic and Conversion University is here to stay. We give updates on the latest changes in the Google search ranking algorithm. We are very useful to enterprise level businesses in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and India. We have proven traffic tips for the whole range: Video marketing, viral marketing, pay per click advertising (Google Adwords) and organic search engine optimization.

Here's a logo example for you to view:

Traffic and Conversion University

Here's Quick Access - just fill in this tiny form to receive your first letter in the free traffic tips course, direct from Traffic and Conversion University. That's a fast start to learning how to get more traffic to your blog. Then, trial the SpyVisit System to create heat maps of your site visitors' mouse movements, scrolling, clicks and eye movements. You're well on the road to improving Web sales conversion rates. Join us below, now. You're invited:

Privacy policy
We keep your personal info very secure. Emails are never shared with third parties.
You can unsubscribe from T.C.U. at any time. If you choose to. One click will achieve that.

Thank you for visiting our new Traffic and Conversion University today! Together, we will crack all traffic problems. We're happy to assist you in answering the questions of how to get more traffic to your blog or Web site property.

Go profitably online from this moment.

Editor, for Traffic and Conversion University.    Educational Business.

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  • Expect Highly Awesome results with Traffic and Conversion University, with these two tasks: 1. improve web conversion, 2. increase web traffic. Shows you very clearly, just how to get more traffic, tons more web visitors who are targeted buyers, more online leads, signups and online sales.

    Can't recommend it highly enough. You guys ROCK!

    By Blogger Geoffrey Dodd, at 3:23 PM  

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