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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wordpress CMS SEO Optimization

Optimizing Wordpress Blogs Better

How to optimize a WP blog for page 1 search results? How can I improve my Wordpress blog's ranking positions in Google search? These questions are the concern of many bloggers today, in the year 2015. Days when tens of millions of blogs exist on the very competitive Internet.

The Wordpress software runs in .php and as such, it is a very flexible, low cost platform. You might buy a custom WP theme, but you don't have to. The themes designed as default themes for 2014 and 2015 are just fine! You are advised to host your own blog at a hosting site like Hostgator or Bluehost. Use your own, unique domain name that reflects your specific topic or general area of passionate interest. Or, use your brand name in the domain name.

Search engine optimization for Google, is best helped by use of the SEO by Yoast plugin for Wordpress.  This plugin will guide you in where to place your selected focus key phrase. For example, it will suggest that you place your keyword at the start of the Title Tag. Including your phrase in the meta description tag is also a brilliant idea, and in one or two minor heading tags. Within the paragraphs of text on your blog post, try not to exceed a one percent to 2% max. keyword density. If you don't know what this is, the SEO by Yoast plugin software will explain it to you.

Avenues Of SEO Help

Seo help is also available to you from a large number of additional areas. For example, there are training videos and pdf documents about Wordpress blog optimization at GSniper 3 Course, operated by George Brown and his marketing software team in Hong Kong. Reviews dated from 2011 for version 2.0 and from 2015 for version 3.0 appear to show some consistency. People are building small Wordpress blog sites, known variously as mini sites, and 'sniper' sites. These WP blogs are optimized for improved ranking in the SERP's of Google, Youtube, Yandex, Yahoo, Ask.com and Bing. The major search engines are now evolving towards differentiated forms of semantic search algorithms. They quickly need to accommodate mobile device searches from android and iOS smartphones. Also, they need to deliver video results on page one of the SERP's.

Finally, a global expert in semantic search, named David Amerland, has just published a second book at Amazon, called SEO Help. 20 Semantic Search steps for your practical implementation are offered. Believe me, this is the future of Internet search. It talks about many data nodes. Geo-location by GPS and WiFi is becoming a critical factor. Personal profiles and interests, preferences are now factored in to search. Everyone's search results will be decidedly different. Serendipity, or surprise value in the moment, in the precise context or environment, will begin to appear more. See how it appears already with shopping, cafes, airline bookings and notifications, etc. Weather and news results in mobile apps are having similar results as Google drills into the local and the personal data, and into the apps, too. Mobile is becoming the dominant device class.

What Is Semantic Search

So we have covered how to optimize a Wordpress blog for page one search results. Also, venturing into how to improve search engine rankings for your WP mini sites. For further information on Web traffic generation, for Wordpress sites, please Google Ana Hoffman at Traffic Generation Cafe. Ana has an awesome sense of humor. She's also a top expert on how to improve your blog, whatever platform it is running on. I just love Wordpress blogs and how to optimize them for high performance in Google SERP's -- must be the eternal optimist.

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  • Wordpress CMS is a very flexible blog platform, that is quite ideal for further SEO work.

    It can be subjected to search engine optimization by use of the SEO By Yoast WP plugin. That is very good. It's a start. Do social sharing buttons, post images on Pinterest, tweets in Twitter, facebook shares. Make darn sure your blog mini site is very mobile friendly. That's mission critical from March, 2015. G.

    By Blogger Geoffrey Dodd, at 5:18 PM  

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