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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Clickbank Affiliate Secrets | Super Affiliates Create Wealth

I just finished uploading and submitting this new video to YouTube. This video is

about how Clickbank Super Affiliates derive and create their wealth, using special


The recommended Funnel System is My Funnel Empire, the brain child of Mr Bryan

Winters of Minnesota in the United States of America. USA is where the top marketing

ideas, tactics and strategies are derived from. It has been that way since about 1910.

The first advertising agencies appeared in the U.S. at about that time. People like Robert

Collier came along to improve the writing effectiveness and persuasive performance in

about 1931 and then Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich in 1937 to help motivate

American business people out of the Great Depression mentality.

America has been the source of remarkable business ideas since the very early Twentieth

Century. Thanks to Napoleon Hill and Robert Collier, Jon, Clayton Makepeace and John

Carlton, etc., I am able to create a top marketing video for you like this little gem. Not to

forget Gary Bencivenga and his bullet points.

Thank you for reading about our Clickbank Affiliate Secrets for wealth creation and of

course, for watching my new YouTube video about Clickbank Super Affiliates and their

new, hi technology, leveraged marketing funnels.

Geoff Dodd

Business Editor

New Zealand and Australia


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