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Monday, April 11, 2016

Increase Traffic Conversion - More Blog Traffic - TCU

This new video is simple. It draws webmaster attention to the fact that you CAN

take immediate steps to increase:

  1.  Traffic to your Blogger, blogspot or Wordpress blog property.
  2.  Web visitor numbers to your typical HTML coded Web site ..
  3.  Conversion rate to leads and sales in your online business
  4.  CTR or clickthrough rate in PPC as well as in Google Webmaster Tools
  5.  Satisfaction with Web site performance over all.

Watch the YouTube video. It suggests that you take the free traffic tips course at the
newly opened Traffic and Conversion University. That won't even cost you one cent.

Today, more than ever, you need serious support with the technicalities of Adwords pay
per click or PPC and organic SEO. The algorithms are very complicated. They are affected
by over 200 factors of relevance, quality and Web reputation. Authority of linking partners,
for example, is also a very critical ranking factor these days in SEO. Optimize your Web blog
or site well these days, to survive in the competitive space of the Internet in 2016.

Technical and SEO Editor


  • Internet Business Recommendation:

    Use YouTube videos to generate more traffic to your Blog or Site with. Put a lot of text in your video, as a VSL format. Make sure to place a blue link to your selected web site in the video's description. And researched key phrases in the video's Title.

    OK? video traffic rocks. Do it shared out widely, across many Internet platforms.

    The Editor, Web Business

    By Blogger Geoffrey Dodd, at 7:18 PM  

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