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Sunday, March 19, 2017

EasyCash4Ads Server Side Software

The new, small business site: www.EasyCash4Ads.com operates on .aspx which is a Microsoft server format, meaning "Active Server Pages."  The added 'x' refers to a later, say post 2007 version of .asp similar to what the software giant did with the individual programs - Ms Word: .docx ;  Ms Excel: .xlsx etc., etc.

The advertising and cash-flow provider, Easy Cash 4 Ads .com offers people a very user-friendly system. In fact, it is a recommended small business startup when you consider that the startup cost is a mere $19.

This Internet-based business will payout direct into a user's Paypal account, or into Payza, after a business starter has first sponsored two people and sent 2 up to his own sponsor. It is a brilliant little system design, using .aspx software format language.

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